For up to 10 participants at your place of business

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Our Microsoft Word training is designed to help you create all kinds of documents. Styles ensure that your documents have a consistent look and feel. Advanced features let you create appealing layouts and incorporate images, tables, and diagrams.

This hands-on course will teach you the basics of this industry-standard software.

Courses offered for Word 2010, 2013, and 2016.

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  • New Microsoft Word users


  • Start and exit Microsoft Word 2016, and open, save, and close documents
  • Insert and delete text to edit a document and print the document and select different views
  • Change paragraph alignment, and move, copy, and replace text in a document
  • Enhance text appearance by changing character and paragraph formatting, and using Quick Styles
  • Use tab stops, change indents, apply bullets and numbering, and change line spacing to enhance document appearance
  • Use margins, page breaks, and headers and footers to enhance the page layout
  • Proofread documents
  • Enhance productivity by using AutoCorrect and AutoText
  • Streamline document creation by using templates


Getting Started with Word 2016

  • Understanding word processing concepts
  • Getting started
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Opening documents

Using Word 2016 Basics

  • Editing documents
  • Printing and viewing documents

Managing Text

  • Aligning text
  • Moving, copying, and replacing text

Modifying and Enhancing Text Appearance

  • Formatting text
  • Inserting special purpose text
  • Using quick styles and quick style sets

Modifying and Enhancing Paragraph Appearance

  • Using Tabs
  • Changing tab settings
  • Setting indents
  • Applying bullets and numbers
  • Changing paragraph and line spacing

Controlling Page Layout

  • Changing margins
  • Inserting page breaks
  • Using headers and footers

Using Writing Tools

  • Checking spelling in a document
  • Using AutoCorrect and AutoText
  • Using document templates

Summary and Evaluations


  • Live, instructor-led training with hands-on exercises

Participants are requested to bring their computers to the session. Laptops are also available to rent for an additional fee.