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If you want to give the productivity and morale of your organization a major boost, build continuous improvement (CI) into the daily routine of production, business, and support department work units. Engage employees in streamlining processes and eliminating waste within their work area/departments.

And accelerate the development of a work culture where continuous improvement and individual initiative make a difference.


  • Senior managers responsible for business results
  • Middle managers who plan and organize work
  • Front-line leaders who involve people in achieving results
  • Quality and CI improvement professionals


  • The CI concepts and tools that your work units will apply
  • The underlying rationale for engaging work units directly in CI
  • The integration of this program with existing Lean, Six Sigma initiative
  • The challenges to gaining buy-in and how to overcome them
  • A step-by-step implementation plan
  • How to train supervisors and employees
  • How to identify improvement opportunities
  • How to establish a management approval process
  • How to manage the ideas and ensure follow-through
  • How to measure the impact on morale, teamwork, streamlining and waste reduction
  • How to sustain the effort over the long-term


Why Engage Employees in CI

  • Program goals and business rationale
  • How work unit CI aligns with Lean, Six Sigma
  • Making CI a core driver of your work culture

Employee Engagement Benefits

  • Engagement as a motivational strategy
  • Benefits to employees of work unit CI
  • A case example and how employees responded

Application Exercise – Start-Up

  • Formation of work unit teams
  • Identification of customer requirements
  • Identification of business improvement priorities

Work Unit CI Tools

  • Work process mapping and gap analysis
  • Work unit performance measures
  • Daily start of work reviews and brainstorming

Improvement Idea Tracking

  • White board idea tracking
  • Moving from idea to root cause analysis and solutions
  • Management team review and approval process

Management and Supervisor Training

  • Manager role and oversight tools
  • Program facilitation skills training
  • Support department role and training

Launch Planning and Strategies

  • Identification of obstacles to implementation
  • Awareness sessions and individual engagement
  • Strategies to overcome obstacles


This full-day workshop is highly interactive involving participants in individual and group activities and discussions.  Participants will form work unit teams and apply the Employee Engagement in CI methodology and tools to their work processes and operational challenges.

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Course Code: MPB713