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For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Managing the performance of others is more than the annual performance review. Successful performance management results in continuous process improvement, enhanced productivity, workplace cohesiveness, exceptional customer service and a positive community reputation. A successful blending of organizational and employee needs can result in both performance and spirits soaring!

This workshop will examine critical aspects of successful performance management. A variety of training techniques will be used with emphasis placed on practical application of new skills and ideas.

In addition, role-play is created to encourage managers and team leaders to practicePerformance Management Techniques.


Managers, assistant managers, senior specialists, supervisors, team leaders and anyone involved in managing performance.


  • Use the ABC’s to better communication
  • Use behaviour conversations for improved performance
  • Set performance standards
  • Use motivation techniques to get results
  • Create job expectations and standards of performance
  • Develop a system to encourage your employees to stay on track


Introduction to Management

  • Self-management: the first step toward managing others
  • The best way to work through the problems of being a manager

Clarifying and Communicating Job Expectations and Performance Standards

  • Linking organizational goals to what your work group does every day
  • Breaking down jobs into training plans and future opportunities
  • Creating SMART goals with your staff
  • Determining the expectations that need to be increased or decreased
  • Use the ABC’s to track objectives and work performance throughout the year

Developing Motivation Techniques to Incent Employees to Increased Performance

  • Understanding the role motivation plays in influencing performance and productivity
  • Determining what motivates your team
  • Creating non-monetary recognition and rewards
  • Using delegation to help motivate employees

Motivating, Coaching, and Improving Performance

  • Developing a system based on expectations
  • Determining what a motivating environment really looks like
  • Assess what is acceptable poor performance

Making it Happen for You

  • Create an action plan that works for you

In this one-day, highly-participative workshop, attendees will engage in role-play, individual and group exercises. The client is asked to provide a copy of the mission and vision statements so the learners can develop SMART goals for themselves and their teams as they relate to the mission statement.

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Course Code: MPC707