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As a manager, team leader, or staff member, you often have to multi-task and labor on multiple projects or activities during your work day. Some days, you may even feel you are working more on someone else’s priorities than your own. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed.

This practical workshop will show you how to make specific choices to put you in control and to empower you to make better choices in organizing your work and schedule.


  • Anyone who wants to take more control of their workday
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to effectively prioritize their workload


  • What habits are key to good priority management
  • How to improve productivity through good time management
  • Where they are and what they can change quickly
  • How to organize their emails and their work space
  • How to prepare action plans that work


Where are you now and where do you want to be?

  • Identify what habits you want to change
  • Determine how to say “No” when necessary to maintain even workflow
  • Use seven tips on good daily time management

Creating priorities and excelling in productivity

  • Identify important versus urgent items for daily tasks
  • Do what is necessary, not doing everything
  • Determine where important and urgent viewpoints conflict with others opinions

 Goal setting, every day starts with a goal

  • Develop SMART goals
  • Develop goals that are in line with the team and organization
  • Stay focused to achieve these goals
  • Motivate oneself on a daily basis to excel

 Organizational skills

  • Organize yourself; from emails to the desk
  • Recognize how your personality impacts about your organizational skills
  • Use the three-minute rule

 Planning the priorities and the day

  • Change the reactive pattern
  • Allow for flexibility in your planning
  • Schedule high productivity work, and do three hours work in one hour

Action Planning

  • Create a plan to use the new skills and gain productivity and time


It is a highly interactive workshop with discussion, reflection, and self-assessment. And many people walk away from it feeling they have got a new lease on their life and feeling they are back in control.

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Course Code: MPC711