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Having the performance meeting with employee and supervisor should be the most rewarding time throughout the year. Each person is involved in setting objectives, discussing goals, and looking back on a busy year.

The communication between two individuals around these topics is called a performance review. Employees have a responsibility to become involved in this process, not only during the meeting, but also throughout the year. This workshop will assist the employee in staying on track through-out the year, in setting and managing their objectives, and in communicating with impact to their team leader.


  • All non-managers


  • Document their successes as ABCs
  • Set the performance standards with their managers
  • Perform job expectations daily
  • Discuss their needs and goals with their managers
  • Be involved in a positive performance review interview


The Employee’s Responsibility

  • Discover the boundaries
  • Work as a team with your boss
  • Identify team structures
  • Create and maintain team dynamic
  • Use ABCs to generate conversations

Clarifying Job Expectations and Performance Standards

  • Link what you do every day to organizational goals
  • Create SMART goals
  • Determine the expectations that need to be increased or decreased

The Performance Review

  • Turn the time into an opportunity for future growth and development
  • Create methods to be better prepared
  • Prepare the document
  • Become proactive to ensure a successful performance meeting

Summary and Evaluations


In this one-day highly participative workshop, attendees will engage in role-play, individual and group exercises.

The partner-client is asked to provide a copy of their current performance review documents to provide the learners with a hands on training opportunity. They are also asked to provide a copy of the mission and vision statements so learners can develop SMART goals for themselves as they relate to the mission statement.

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Course Code: MPC709