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Delegating is a critical skill for managers and team leaders. Successful managers know what responsibilities to delegate, how to explain assignments clearly, and how to monitor the performance of their employees, making sure to give them adequate feedback and development opportunities. Effective delegation – not dumping – frees up a supervisor’s time, provides valuable work experience, and invests employees. However, this skill is seldom taught to new managers.


  • Team leaders, supervisors, and managers


  • Develop techniques to give instructions that are carried out as you intended them to be
  • Assess delegation techniques that best motivate people
  • Apply the steps to delegation, so you and your team accomplish goals
  • Determine the authority levels to assign team members to properly delegate
  • Provide authority and responsibility when needed
  • Identify why individuals in the team require different motivation techniques


Taking Delegation Action

  • Know the difference between delegation and dumping
  • Decide what to delegate, what to keep, and what to do
  • Provide a structure for effective delegation
  • Take action when the project is not delivered on time
  • Decide what level of authority to apply to each delegated item
  • Create checks and balances for effective delegation

Accelerating Development of Team Members

  • Use proven motivators around task distribution
  • Know specific steps to take to meet employees’ developmental needs
  • Identify who to assign to do the job

Analyzing work to delegate

  • Use time logs to determine what work can be delegated
  • Assign work by priority versus ease of difficulty
  • Allow for learning a new task

Putting it all together

  • Set an action plan for distribution of work flow
  • Assign people for tasks
  • Commit to fair and even delegation and task distribution

Summary and Evaluations


This course requires participants to work through a 3-day time log that will be used to determine which of their work items can be delegated and to whom.

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Course Code: MPC710