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This workshop provides managers with the tools to be able to better connect with their employees to increase business success, productivity, and organizational and individual performance.

Managers will learn how to fully include their employees as team members and to assist them in developing new skills. Managers will learn how to give their employees a voice to make them feel comfortable in offering ideas and in expressing their views as decisions.


Employee engagement is a highly-interactive workshop designed to develop the steps to create work circumstances where people grow their potential and success.

  • Develop a compelling story – a Big Picture so employees will own it as theirs
  • Speak a language that resonates with your staff
  • Encourage people to bring the best out of themselves
  • Provide regular, thoughtful, honest and constructive feedback on performance
  • Be engaging and approachable and trusted
  • Make your employees feel Validated, Appreciated and Recognized
  • Build trust and integrity as the leader


Your Organization’s Story

  • Enabling employees to see your organisation’s purpose
  • Delivering a message, so employees feel they belong
  • Bringing meaning and purpose to their working lives
  • Igniting passion for being motivated
  • Speaking from the heart with authenticity – believe it and live it
  • Telling your story in your language

 Engaging Managers

  • What do employees expect from their managers?
  • Employees value hearing how their work contributes to the organisation
  • Supporting learning and development; recognizing achievements
  • Tackling dysfunctional behaviour; giving feedback in the context of overall performance
  • Creating a culture of praise and acknowledgement
  • Being a discreet and trusted manager

Employee Voice

  • Validated, Appreciated and Recognized
  • Give people a voice, involved, listened to, and invited to contribute expertise
  • Everyone feels they can have a say
  • Solution groups that draw on staff experiences
  • Empowering staff to develop their questions and solutions

 Building trust and Integrity

  • Lying, destroying trust, wasting time, eliminates respect
  • What it means to be “truthful” as a leader
  • Listening empathetically; discovering what is important to others
  • Avoiding absolute statements; involving others in decisions
  • Encouraging consensus or collaborative choices
  • Developing a team approach to problems and issues


This workshop is highly interactive. Participants will complete customized case studies and be engaged in some fun team exercises to demonstrate engaging people and building trust. They will also participate in practical message-creating activities with real work issues.

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Course Code: MPR712