For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Understanding and learning how to lead this new generation has become increasingly important for many organizations. This one-day workshop provides managers with clear insights into the complexities of managing the millennial generation. It strengthens managers’ ability to establish productive relationships with their unseasoned direct reports. 


  • Understanding misconceptions about millennials in the workplace
  • How millennials see themselves and how others see them
  • How to engage, develop and retain millennials
  • How to manage the strengths of the millennials
  • Increase your leadership competency and level of influence


 Characteristics of Millennials 

  • What is a millennial? Know what motivates them 
  • The millennial experience so far 
  • Understand how millennials prefer to work. 
  • How differences between millennials and older generations may cause friction 
  • Activating generational positives 


  • Working through communication barriers 
  • Creating a values-driven environment 
  • Providing plenty of feedback. 
  • Adopting flexible leadership styles 
  • Creating options with creativity 

Pulling It All Together 

  • Setting and achieving goals 
  • Increasing your emotional intelligence 
  • Being adept with behavioural styles 
  • Delegating for mutual benefit 
  • Evaluating for effectiveness 


The workshop is an interactive learning experience. In the case study activities, people are encouraged to use their back-on-the-job challenges. Participants leave with skills, tools, and insights for improving the performance of their millennials.