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Each of us brings our own attitude to our workplace. Is your attitude contributing to productivity? Developing yourself is the key to success. Learning to work well in difficult situations reduces stress and the ability to understand yourself and those around you is a skill to help you achieve that goal.

This workshop will introduce subject areas to enable you to put some balance back into the workplace. Understanding the importance of human relations will guide you through challenging times. If you feel you are always giving with no getting, the workshop is for you.


  • People who want to understand themselves and others more effectively
  • People who want to make their work environment a more productive, less stressful place


  • To balance the technical and human sides of their jobs
  • To recognize the traits of positive and negative attitudes
  • To work with negative people
  • To reduce stress levels within the organization
  • To increase productivity



  • You can have what you want, if you know what you want
  • How to share your positive attitude
  • Pre-test your human relation skills

Technical Versus Human Relation Skills

  • Benefits of balancing skills
  • What skill is more important for your job?
  • Analysis of behaviours of level one and level two of human relations

Workplace Attitudes

  • Identifying positive attitudes that contribute to workplace productivity
  • Identifying behaviours that distract from productivity
  • Measuring your self-concept
  • Handling difficult people


Program delivery will appeal to all adult learning styles to encourage active participation and learning. Learning Aid cards will be provided for reinforcement.

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Course Code: EDP501