“Skills to Excel” will enhance the critical skills of all employees. Imagine the increase in productivity, morale, efficiency, the impact on the bottom line, and lower absenteeism when everyone brings their best skills to the job every day.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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In this economy, training budgets are tight and people are busy. But this one-day workshop can make a major difference to your staff and your organization. It combines the key principles of several workshops into one session that is designed to enhance communication, to strengthen teams, to resolve conflict, and to increase motivation.  Think what this will do to your productivity!

Who Should Attend

  • People who are eager to build their future with the organization
  • People who want to maximize their potential, effectiveness, and satisfaction levels

Participants Will Learn to:

  • Create a positive work environment
  • Understand how critical integrity is to both themselves and to the corporate bottom line
  • Strengthen and enhance communication styles for strong results
  • Effectively manage change, explore risks and deal with fears
  • Strengthen team dynamics
  • Motivate themselves and others

Course Outline

Positive Work Environment

  • Identifying behaviours that contribute to both a positive and negative environment
  • Exploring their own actions
  • Taking responsibility
  • Challenging unproductive behaviour

Integrity – Implications and Impact

  • Organizational benefits and consequences
  • Policies and Procedures: your best friend
  • Benefits to the bottom line

Dynamic Communication

  • Establishing respect through their communication style
  • Communicating effectively
  • Getting your message across with clarity at all levels
  • Building a strong tool kit for a variety of situations
  • Learning how to use feedback effectively

Change, Fears and Risk

  • Understanding the model of change and implications it brings
  • Learning how to deal with the fears that may arise from change
  • Calculating the risks involved to make strong, informed decisions

High Performance Teams

  • Understanding the stages of team development
  • Defining the characteristics of high performance teams
  • Learning to deal with team conflict effectively
  • Developing strategies for improving team effectiveness

Soaring with Motivation

  • Defining the positive attributes of motivation
  • Exploring the benefits and consequences
  • Making it personal
  • Inspiring others to greater heights

Methods to Be Used:

This full-day session is an interactive day intended to constantly involve participants by dealing with real life scenarios.  This will be accomplished by using a variety of group discussions, small group work, individual exercises, case studies, and some role plays.

Each individual will have a chance to reflect on their personal style, to increase their skills and confidence, to identify changes that would be beneficial, and to complete an action plan to enhance their effectiveness in the future.

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Course Code: MPH702 / EDH 701