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To collaborate or not to collaborate? To confront or not to confront? These are the questions people need to be able to answer when working with colleagues, team members, customers, and clients. And this knowledge will help them communicate for success.

Both styles – collaboration and confrontation – have a time and place within an organization. But used in the wrong situation, they can adversely impact morale and cause the loss of ideas, productivity, and even employees.

Confrontation or Collaboration – You Choose!is a one-day workshop will help people to explore their own behaviour, the relationships they have with others, and the results they can achieve. They will learn how small changes can make a huge difference in their results and work relationships.

Who Should Attend

•        Anyone in a supervisory/managerial position working with others
•        People who are part of a team and want to increase their effectiveness

Participants Will Learn to:

•        Understand the reasons why confrontational behaviour occurs
•        Explore the impact both styles have on energy levels
•        Read body language and understand the message it sends to others
•        Examine how their style can help or hinder their career opportunities
•        Focus on how collaboration can build strong teams, motivate others and achieve amazing results
•        Identify their own behaviours on a consistent basis and make necessary changes
•        Build relationships, create a strong personal reputation, and become a role model

Course Outline

Confrontation – Impact and Results

  • Identify what defines confrontational behaviour
  • Understand the reasons that drive this behaviour
  • Explore the impact it has on others
  • Examine the results and consequences that can occur

Energy Levels – Rising or Falling?

  • Recognize the impact communication styles have on energy levels
  • Learn how to tap into and build positive energy to achieve results
  • Understand how low energy can create a stressful work environment and impact bottom line results.

Powerful Body Language

  • Create an awareness of the messages that body language can send
  • Understand the power of words, tone of voice and posture
  • Assess how your body language impacts your career and future opportunities

Collaboration – Building Teams and High Motivation

  • Develop a list of collaboration behaviours and benefits
  • Understand how this can challenge teams and individuals to learn and grow
  • Realize how this can lead to outstanding results for individuals and the organization

Personal Accountability for your Style

  • Individuals will identify their own style and the characteristics they exhibit to others
  • Acknowledge successes they have had in the past with this style
  • Identify the consequences when their style didn’t work well
  • Highlight changes they can make for future success

Role Models and Reputations

  • Learn how to build strong relationships in the organization
  • Create a solid personal reputation and legacy in the work environment
  • Become a role model for others and develop leadership skills
  • Create a personal action plan to move forward

Methods to Be Used:

This session involves facilitator-led discussions, small- and large-group discussions, individual work, and case studies using real world scenarios.

At the end of the day, individuals will complete a personal action plan.

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Course Code: CSH703