Behavioural interviewing, behavioural process, legal aspects, the interview, post interview


For 6 to 14 participants at your place of business

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Techniques for interviewing based on behavioural interview questions work on the principle that past behaviours will predict future behaviours. Interviewing is about discovering information about a person to determine if they are suitable for your organization. It costs more than three times their salary if a person is hired incorrectly and they leave in one year or less. Therefore, it is critical that interviewers receive training in this area.


Managers, supervisors, team leaders who make hiring decisions and are interested in behavioural interviewing techniques that work.


  • Effectively utilize the job description to determine your specific hiring needs
  • Develop direct and effectual behavioural interview questions
  • Understand the importance of clear communication and body language
  • Conduct a behaviour-based interview
  • Critique responses from interviewee


Understand the Behavioural Process

  • What it means and how it works, the big picture
  • Cost assessment to the organization
  • The difference between leading, theoretical and behavioural questions
  • When to use them
  • Writing behavioural questions on the fly

The Legal Aspect of Interviewing

  • What can you say?
  • Knowing the Human Rights Code as it relates to Interviewing
  • Creating behavioural interview questions to get to difficult issues

The Interview Itself

  • Setting a relaxed tone
  • Determining the interviewee’s communication style
  • Writing and speaking with ease
  • Closing the interview

After the Interview

  • What now?
  • Determining evaluation and selection criteria
  • How to overcome reference check shut-down

Because of the skill-building exercises in this workshop, the maximum class size is 14 participants.

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Course Code: MPC701