For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business (on-site or virtual)

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Whether you are a team lead or the manager of a cross-functional team, influencing without authority is a critical skill. You must be able to motivate people of all levels with your confidence and expertise rather than a job title. Leaders who inspire and persuade tend to be more productive than those who command and control.


  • People who supervise or lead without formal authority or title
  • Team leaders and staff who are transitioning to management


  • Understanding the special skills to influence without authority
  • Motivating people of all levels with your confidence and expertise
  • Acting as a team lead for the first time and mastering the art of building influence


Building relationships, credibility, and trust

  • Building meaningful connections with co-workers to foster trust
  • Finding common ground and taking the time to get to know your colleagues
  • Developing emotional intelligence to influence, persuade and connect with others
  • Being a compassionate leader, boost employee engagement and strengthens cooperation

Creating a network of allies

  • Assembling a group of people who believe in you and your mission
  • Utilizing others to act as advisers when persuading others to endorse the project
  • Drawing on a network of supportive counterparts when faced with roadblocks
  • Look for opportunities to support your colleagues, so they support you

Positioning your expertise and bring practical solutions

  • Positioning yourself as an expert, makes it easier to influence people
  • Inspiring others and offering knowledge, experience, and guidance
  • Identifying what makes you unique, building your brand that reflects your work
  • Demonstrating the value, you bring to the team; it is worth the effort

Embracing resistance, listen and seek to understand

  • Leading without authority, you will encounter resistance – embrace it
  • Taking the time to learn where the resistance is coming from
  • Assessing the issues, you can and cannot address
  • Explaining your ideas more compellingly


The workshop is an interactive learning experience. In case study activities, people are encouraged to use their back-on-the-job challenges. Participants leave with skills, tools, and insights for influencing without authority.