For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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It starts with just little thoughts, actions, and behaviours, but it can grow and easily turn your workplace into a toxic environment. Oppression creates an intimidated workforce, increased absenteeism, a decrease in morale, and a loss of ideas, knowledge, and productivity. This thought-provoking half-day workshop puts oppression under the microscope!

Participants will explore the early signs of harassment and oppression and learn techniques to confront and end it.



  • People in a leadership position who can influence the environment around them
  • Anyone wishing to be part of a positive workplace


  • Understand what we mean when we talk about oppression
  • Identify who may be impacted by oppressive behaviours
  • Examine their own actions in the work environment
  • Explore the consequences that can occur
  • Identify actions and solutions to fight oppression in the workplace


Defining Oppression

  • Examine world events where oppressive behaviour was blatant
  • Highlight the characteristics the occur when oppression or harrassment happens
  • Shift the focus to your work environment to see if it exists there

Considering the Impact 

  • Identify the people who may feel they are treated differently or disrespectfully
  • Explore the impact on others in that environment
  • Discuss why people would treat others in this manner

Analyzing the Work Environment:

  • Highlight the signs that this behaviour is occurring
  • Identify the consequences to (a) the organization (b) the individual
  • Look to see who is at risk and who may be acting inappropriately
  • Identify personal behaviours

Creating Anti-Oppression Strategies

  • Identify how you can personally make changes that will build relationships
  • Highlight people/programs to help such as H.R. or EAP programs
  • Develop strategies to move toward an oppression free environment
  • Create a personal action place to enhance your own behavior
  • Become a great role model for others

Summary and Evaluations


This is a highly interactive workshop that explores participants’ current thinking and uses large and small group discussions and individual exercises. Participants will also work in pairs to role play real life situations.

Course Code: EDH501