Managing difficult conversations, personality preference, communication process, communication in action

One-day workshop

We all run into challenging situations in the workforce that we must learn to work through and to defuse. This practical workshop helps participants to learn about themselves and others so they can communicate more effectively.  Understanding your own personality and the behaviours you exhibit will provide you will skills to adapt and connect to others, especially those different than you.


Men and women who want to be able to communicate effectively in difficult or challenging situations


  • Communicate with vision, clarity and purpose
  • Appreciate your personality preferences and the dynamics they play when communicating with others
  • Assess your own communication patterns
  • Use an effective five-step process for communication
  • Deal with challenges and opportunities in difficult situations


Personality Preference

  • Be aware of Jungian preferences
  • Enhance your understanding of yourself
  • Enhance your understanding of others
  • Learn how to adapt/flex to others and connect more effectively for improved relationships and results
  • Appreciate the strengths and challenges of all personalities

The Communication Process

  • Learn and demonstrate the 5 strategic steps of verbal communication
  • Demonstrate the techniques of good oral communication
  • Describe and demonstrate the importance of body language

Putting Communication Into Action

  • Identify your strengths and areas to be developed
  • Demonstrate confidence through body language, tone of voice and eye contact
  • Prepare for challenges in the workplace
  • Exhibit behaviours to overcome barriers of communications
  • Take responsibility for creating and contributing to a healthy environment in the workplace


Program delivery will appeal to all adult learning styles to encourage active participation and learning.

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