Communication skills, DiSC, behavioural styles, listening techniques, planning


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator
  • Capitalize on your strengths and overcome shortcomings
  • Develop appropriate body language for mirroring during a communication
  • Create effective listening habits and behaviours
  • Understand what steps in the way of effective communication
  • Develop techniques to deal with confrontations and conflicts

An assessment instrument called DiSC© is used in this workshop.

DiSC© Identifies:

  • Why we act the way we do
  • How others see us
  • What skills we need to develop to become more effective


Communication Impact

  • Body language, what are you really saying?
  • It is not what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference
  • First impressions are made in seconds, how to make them powerful
  • Following the Platinum Rule: do unto others as they would do unto themselves

Your Behaviour Styles

  • The four behavioural styles and their impact on communication
  • Developing communication techniques for each style
  • The impact our style has on others and how to mirror their style
  • Identify how your style can maintain effective teams
  • Create methods to deal with other styles

Effective Listening Techniques

  • The barriers to effective listening
  • How to listen when angry
  • How to create an open environment
  • How to probe to discover the real situation

Planning for the Future

  • Preparing a communication network
  • Determining the purpose of the communication results
  • Create a personal criteria of  “must do”, “should do” and “like to do” to be the best communicator possible

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Course Code: CSC701