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The New York Times flagged storytelling as the number one skill for business leaders (December 2014)

Stories motivate, persuade, educate, and inspire. When we tell them well, they can swell national pride, unite diverse people to a common goal, and move even the most cynical among us Stories are cathartic. They change our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours

In business, leaders use stories to build rapport and forge “instant intimacy” or meaningful connections that can translate into sales, influence, and employee motivation. And the ability to craft and to deliver great stories is a critical presentation skill all leaders should have in their communication toolbox.

In sales, stories help overcome objections and answer difficult questions prospects might not feel comfortable asking but that impact the sale. Telling a compelling story can bring a dry or complicated business case study to life and make the impact clearer and memorable



  • Sales professionals (new sales people and experienced professionals looking to update their skill sets)
  • Sales and leadership professionals (to provide coaching to sales team members)
  • Business leaders
  • Any one who needs to influence as part of their job


  • How stories can be a valuable tool for advancing sales
  • The 5 types of stories useful in business
  • Where to find good stories and how to build a “bank” of effective stories
  • The basic elements of a good story
  • How to make good stories great (greater)
  • How to enhance a story by adding performance flair



Introduction: Value of Storytelling in Business

  • Understanding the value of stories to influence and to help create “instant intimacy” within a business context
  • Exploring when and where to add a story

Review of 5 Types of Business Stories

  • Reviewing the 5 key types of stories used in business
  • Crafting a personal story to tell in a business context
  • Obtaining feedback on your personal story

Where to Find Stories

  • Knowing where to find stories
  • Learning tips for “banking” effective stories
  • Creating a personal timeline worksheet

Elements of a Good Story

  • Learning the elements of a good story
  • Using a story worksheet
  • Understanding what works

Making Good Stories Great (Greater)

  • Learning what turns good stories into great stories
  • Reviewing a check list of great story elements

Adding Performance Flair

  • Understanding the performance flair appropriate for business stories
  • Demonstrating the elements of performance flair
  • Delivering your story with flair

Summary and Key Learnings


Using small and large group exercises and break-out activities, participants will have opportunities to practice their storytelling skills and to receive real-time feedback and coaching.

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Course Code: CSF708