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Like it or not, we judge each other by the way we say “hello,” how we start and continue a conversation, and how we use our eyes, face and body language to express ourselves. This is true not only in our social lives but also in the workforce.

This workshop helps participants to project a confident, successful image of themselves so upper management, colleagues, and customers will want to talk and to listen to them.



  • Anyone who attends conferences and trade shows
  • Anyone who wants to polish their social skills
  • Anyone who entertains customers


  • What to say after you have said “hello”
  • How do keep a conversation going without getting stuck with nothing to day
  • What are the best topics to discuss in social situations
  • What not to say in social situations
  • How to remember names and make introductions
  • What is culturally appropriate etiquette
  • How to project confidence, make people want to talk to you and to listen to you




  • Remembering names (including your own)

Small Talk

  • Starting a conversation
  • Knowing what to talk about when you aren’t sure what to say

Expanding Small Talk Into Longer Conversations

  • Knowing good topics for conversation
  • Making your listener feel good
  • Using appropriate body language
  • Getting down to business – what and how to introduce a business topic
  • Disagreeing politely

Dinner and Standing Etiquette

Difficult Situations

  • Forgetting someone’s name
  • Pronouncing a name incorrectly
  • Finding solutions to your specific problems
  • Handling feelings of rejection

Graceful Exits

  • Saying goodbye so that people remember you
  • Leaving a conversation with skill

How Not To Be Boring 

Look Good Socially

  • How to walk, stand and use your eyes and hands effectively
  • What to wear

Summary and Evaluations


This workshop includes explanations, group discussion, exercises, and role plays. The atmosphere is relaxed and learning is increased through group involvement and friendly feedback.

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Course Code: CSB707