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Coaching is a critical aspect of every manager’s or supervisor’s job. Performance coaching is the term used for meetings in which a manager wishes to help an employee improve a specific work behavior or skill. When successful, it is also rewarding for the employee, empowering them to achieve their professional development goals and objectives. The experienced employee who serves as the coach can show their knowledge and skill. For the manager, a coaching challenge boosts their confidence and sense of empowerment. The collaboration between coach and employee can lead to new ideas and achievements to aid them both in succeeding.


  • Managers and leaders


  • Understand and practice a coaching process
  • Deal with coaching challenges
  • Motivate people to want your coaching
  • Sustain the positive impact of coaching
  • Implement principles of employee empowerment
  • Foster better relationships through empowerment


The Coaching Process

  • What is coaching
  • Coaching challenges
  • The coaching process
  • Components of effective coaching
  • Measuring the success

Seven Steps to Coaching Your Employees

  • Build a relationship of mutual trust
  • Open the meeting
  • Get agreement
  • Explore alternatives
  • Get a commitment to act
  • Handle excuses
  • Provide feedback

Practice Performance Coaching – “The Five Minute Chat.”

  • Prepare for the meeting
  • Focus on the employee’s performance issues
  • Explore the causes of the employee’s poor performance.
  • Seek agreement with the employee on how to solve the problem(s)
  • Explore options for improvement
  • Agree on a plan for improvement
  • Review and evaluate the coaching meeting

Encouraging Empowerment

  • Process of personal development of skills and abilities
  • Positive self-definition and a better feeling about ourselves
  • Sense of more self-respect and self-esteem
  • Hands-on training and coaching builds empowerment
  • Understanding what is required in the job builds on-the-job confidence
  • Personalized training stimulates empowerment
  • Collaboration between coach and employee empowers both individuals


The workshop includes a videotape illustrating “The Coaching Process.” Participants will be able to practice the coaching process and receive feedback from the facilitator to enhance their skills. The delivery will appeal to adult learning styles to encourage active participation and learning.

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Course Code: LSR701-a