Tap into the power that women bring with their leadership style. Help them enhance their strengths, skills and communication styles.   We will address the unique opportunities as well as the challenges that face women in the workplace.  Well defined characteristics of leaders can help an organization soar!


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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This workshop is packed full of ideas, thought provoking questions and concrete skills to enhance the abilities of women in a leadership position, or those who strive to be there.  This day encourages them to step up to the plate to contribute to organizational and individual success.


Any female currently in management or wishing to pursue a career in a leadership position


  • Identify the characteristics of great leaders
  • Deal with barriers, pitfalls and gender issues
  • Enhance your respect and use your power bases effectively
  • Establish trust and a strong communication strategy
  • Identify and implement concrete skills required for success in individuals and the organization.


What makes a great leader?

  • Defining a great leader and their characteristics
  • Exploring the gender differences in style and approach
  • Identifying traps and pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Reviewing the Santa Clara Study and what people want in a “Leader”

Requirements for Success

  • Building a critical base of respect
  • Dealing with the impact of the “Old Boys Network” and the “Glass Ceiling”
  • Identifying networking opportunities to build relationships

Leadership Versus Management

  • Knowing what qualities distinguish a “Leader” from a “Manager”
  • Exploring the 5 power bases and how to maximize them
  • Identifying personal challenges and advantages
  • Learning to use your “Emotional Intelligence” effectively

A Strong Leadership Environment

  • Using a solid base of communication and trust
  • Knowing how to collaborate and build a flexible team
  • Instilling accountability and responsibility in others
  • Identifying goals and objectives to strengthen the organization
  • Developing staff and dealing with poor performance
  • Understanding the importance of recognition
  • Developing a personal action plan


This highly interactive workshop involves small and large group discussions, small group exercises, individual and pair exercises and case studies. It is facilitated in a way that is fun and comfortable.

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Course Code: LSH714