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For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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A Dimensions of Leadership Profile is used in this workshop

This workshop will cover the concepts and model of Situational Leadership®. Participants will complete the instrument to determine their preferred leadership style and will gain a better understanding of their leadership capabilities. We will explore how to utilize Situational Leadership® in team building, coaching and dealing with special situations. We will also cover how to develop specific skills that will assist in matching the leadership style to the needs of the people.

This workshop can be customized for specific industries and participant groups.


  • Discover personal leadership characteristics
  • Develop an understanding of the leader-follower relationship
  • Encourage acceptance of different approaches to leadership
  • Match leadership approaches to organizational needs


Management and Leadership

  • Understand historical perspectives on management
  • Management and leadership and the differences
  • How power, and the perception of power, affects your ability to positively influence others

Assessing Criteria for Performance

  • Task and relationship behaviour
  • Follower readiness
  • Ability — knowledge, experience and demonstrated skill
  • Willingness  — confidence, commitment and motivation

Leadership Styles

  • Explore the Model of Situational Leadership®
  • Know which leadership styles have the highest probability of success in various situations
  • Choose leadership styles that match the readiness level of followers
  • Understand the difference between the various levels of follower readiness and basic leadership styles
  • Know when to use the four different leadership styles: direct, supportive, combination and empowering

Adapting Your Management Approach Based on Willingness and Ability

  • Willingness and ability – perceptions
  • Evaluating willingness and ability

Increasing Productivity and Solving Performance Problems

  • Diagnose different situations and prescribe which leadership style will have the highest probability of success
  • Understand the readiness level that followers demonstrate in performing a specific task or and the leadership style that matches that readiness level
  • Leverage performance


This workshop uses the Dimensions of Leadership Profile to discover each individual’s leadership characteristics. Case studies with built-in role-plays offer numerous practice opportunities with instructor feedback to enhance the learning experience.

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Course Code: LSR712