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Giving and receiving feedback has long been an essential skill for leaders. Quality communication between and among people at all levels is the glue that holds organizations together. FeedForward is giving someone else positive suggestions for the future, rather than focusing on negatives of the past. By using FeedForward and by encouraging others to use it – leaders can dramatically improve the quality of communication in their organizations.


  • Managers and Leaders


  • Motivate others to achieve incredible results
  • Helps people identify their skills
  • Build strong to teams
  • Meet strategic goals
  • Build dynamic communication
  • Deal with negative situations
  • Keep a focus on the vision for the future.


Delivering & Receiving Constructive Feedback

  • Constructive criticism
  • Well-intentioned and unfavourable judgment
  • Information-specific
  • Issue focused
  • Observation based

Skills to Receive Constructive Feedback

  • Being open
  • Embrace the uncomfortableness of receiving feedback
  • Not take it personally
  • Not arguing back
  • Looking at the big picture
  • Soliciting feedback from multiple sources

10 Characteristics of Effective Feedback

  • It is specific rather than general
  • It is focused on behavior rather than on the person
  • It takes into account the needs of the receiver of the feedback
  • It is solicited, rather than imposed
  • It involves sharing of information rather than giving advice
  • It is well-timed
  • It involves the amount of information the receiver can use
  • It concerns what is said or done, or how it is said or done, not why
  • It is clear communication
  • It allows time for the reviewer to ask more questions

FeedForward is focused on the future

  • No judging or critiquing of the person or ideas
  • Learn from a diverse perspective
  • Listen because you don’t feel defensive
  • No feedback about the past is allowed
  • Creates a rich pool of ideas with less work

11 Reasons to Try FeedForward as a Developmental Tool

  • Change the future
  • Help people be “right”
  • Suited to successful people
  • Can come from anyone
  • Not taken personally
  • Feedforward can reinforce change
  • Positive reinforcement not negative feedback
  • Cover almost all of the same material
  • Tends to be much faster
  • Applies to managers, peers and team members
  • Listen more attentively


The workshop is packed with valuable skills to help individuals enhance their abilities in dealing with others in all sorts of situations. The delivery will appeal to adult learning styles to encourage active participation and learning.

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Course Code: LSR717