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This workshop is designed to provide junior or senior managers with the necessary tools to become engaging leaders who can create empowered, enthusiastic, confident, adaptable, and inspired teams. Participants will learn effective coaching techniques and how to improve their decision making, delegating, and analytic skills. They will also acquire tools to strengthen their communication and listening abilities.


  • Anyone involved in leading and managing the performance of the organization.


  • Identify a leadership style that is most effective for them
  • Focus on the specific tasks of the leader
  • Engage in critical dialogues with team members
  • Find out what’s important to people and what is holding them back
  • Engage people in seeing vision and the link to tangible results
  • Create simple, clear plans to be implemented
  • Develop a system so people can be recognized, celebrated, and reinforced
  • Delegate tasks to encourage cross-training and success
  • Provide a continuous learning environment to stimulate growth
  • Deliver results to senior management in a clear, timely manner


Understanding Powerful Leadership

  • What it is, what it is not, and what it can become
  • The leadership style that works for others

Motivating and Inspiring

  • What motivates people, what drives the team
  • How to get buy-in from individuals, even the nay-sayers

Linking an Individual’s Goals to Team and Organizational Goals

  • What’s in it for them – the big question and the more significant answer
  • A template to connect personal goals to the team/organization’s goals

Creating the Exceptional Behaviours for Success

  • Conversations, ideas, and documentation
  • Exceptional behaviour results in achievement and accomplishment
  • Practical examples – Use the team

Developing the Best Practices

  • Daily communication and feedback
  • The link between exceptional behaviours and individual self-esteem
  • How to coach to where people are, what they need, what they want, and what they can do!

Having Difficult Conversations (Template)

  • What is a difficult conversation
  • Why the difficult conversation is so meaningful
  • The best time to have a difficult conversation
  • How to conduct a difficult conversation
  • The “Five Minute Chat” technique

Delegating and Developing

  • Empowerment as a positive reinforcement tool
  • The path for individual professional development

Celebrating the Success

  • A target for reinforcing positive behaviours
  • Yes, motivation is a personal thing!
  • Daily reinforcement for building exceptional behaviour

Action Planning for Powerful Leadership (Template)

  • How to create for others an inspiring vision of their future
  • Tips on how to motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision
  • Ideas on managing and monitoring the results
  • When to reinforce and coach the team


In this one-day highly interactive workshop, attendees will have fun in skill practice and individual and group exercises. At the end of the workshop, they will have an action plan to create team goals and objectives with actionable, measurable strategies.

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Course Code: LSR720