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Managing the performance of others is more than the annual performance review. Successful performance management results in continuous process improvement, enhanced productivity, workplace cohesiveness, exceptional customer service and a positive community reputation. A successful blending of organizational and employee needs can result in both performance and spirits soaring!

This workshop will examine critical aspects of successful performance management. A variety of training techniques will be used with emphasis placed on practical application of new skills and ideas.


  • Managers, assistant managers, senior specialists, supervisors, team leaders and anyone involved in managing performance


  • Identify roles and responsibilities of an effective manager
  • Create dialogue to discuss with your employees their needs and goals
  • Link organizational goals to the work group
  • Create job expectations and standards of performance
  • Give feedback using the powerful ABCD communication technique
  • Analyze motivational techniques to get results
  • Develop a system to encourage your employees to stay on track
  • Delegate for success and motivation
  • Create an open and friendly performance focused environment all year
  • Document discussions and problems
  • Identify strategies to provide a motivating environment
  • Create action plans for continuous improvement


Introduction to Management

  • What it is all about and what are the roles and responsibilities of a manager?
  • Self-management, the first step toward managing others

Leadership Styles

  • The four leadership styles
  • Determine the right time to use each style
  • Create appropriate methods for different situations

Clarifying Job Expectations and Performance Standards

  • Linking organizational goals to what your work group does every day
  • Creating SMART goals with your staff

Communicating to staff throughout the year

  • The foundation skill, referring to employee strengths and opportunities in a timely fashion
  • Activity, Behaviour and Consequence, the ABC’s of communication
  • Provide coaching, performance plans or rewards as needed

Develop Motivation Techniques to Incent Employees to Increased Performance 

  • The role motivation plays in influencing performance and productivity
  • Determine what motivation is for each team member
  • Determine what motivates your team
  • Create non-monetary recognition and rewards
  • Use delegation to help motivate employees

Motivate, Coach, and Improve Performance

  • Develop a system based on clearly defined expectations
  • Determine what a motivating environment really looks like
  • Documentation processes that can be modified to suit all environments
  • What is acceptable poor performance

Delegate for success

  • Provide a structure for effective delegation
  • Take action when the project is not delivered on time
  • Deciding what level of authority to apply to each delegated item
  • Creating checks and balances for effective delegation

Make it Happen for You

  • Create an action plan that works for you
  • Develop action items for you and your team

In this one-day highly participative workshop, attendees will engage in skill practice, individual and group exercises and they will be encouraged to reflect on their current skills and future expected performances. At the end of the course they will have an action plan prepared to set standards and goals for their staff.

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Course Code: LSC702