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Strengthening and developing the potential leadership capabilities of your staff will benefit your whole organization.  It will build morale, open communication, motivate staff, enhance creativity, and create a path for succession planning.

At this one-day, thought-provoking workshop, staff will explore how to deal with change, use their interpersonal skills and power bases, build trust and enhance their communication skills, and inspire others to achieve success.

Reap the rewards by awakening the staff potential within your organization!


  • People who are recognized as having leadership potential
  • People already in management wanting to enhance their skills and move to a higher level
  • Anyone wishing to explore how best to utilize their talents and knowledge to contribute to the success of the organization
  • Staff who are recognized as having leadership potential


  • Understand the difference between “leaders” and “managers”
  • Form strong alliances between formal and informal leaders within a group
  • Utilize the five power bases available to everyone to maximum benefit
  • Understand what people are looking for in a leader and the traits required
  •  Embrace change and inspire others to work to achieve a common goal
  • Understand how stress impacts people in a leadership position
  • Enhance their communication skills and build a strong foundation of trust
  •  Identify the risks and fears involved
  • Explore a model with 4 distinct styles of leadership
  •  Identify ways to expand their leadership opportunities to support organizational goals and objectives


Leadership at its best!

  • Identify great leaders, past and present, and the characteristics that defined them
  • Reflect on the traits participants exhibit and potential blind spots
  • Define the difference between leadership and a management role

Power base awareness

  • Understand everyone has 5 power bases available to them
  • Explore both current and ideal usage of the power bases
  • Look at possible results and impact when utilizing the different power bases

Managing Change

  • Look at past examples of great leaders and how they dealt with change
  • Explore the skills necessary to embrace change and to move forward with it
  •  Learn how to deal with the stress that will accompany changes within organizations

Communication and Trust – the cornerstones of everything we do!

  • Understand the importance of continually enhancing communication skills
  • Create a legacy of trust for yourself and your team
  • Build on the positives and creating good results

Risks and Fears – meet them head on!

  • Identify the risks involved in any change and how to deal with them
  • Calculated risks vs just jumping off the cliff
  • List several fears that hold people back from positive results and ways to deal with them

Measuring Success

  • Quantify the success achieved – make it measurable
  • Exploring various ways to measure projects and activity
  • Hold yourself accountable for the end results required

Leadership Styles

  • Examine a model containing 4 distinct leadership styles and the benefits
  • Identify the style that most fits the individual and the situation
  • Look at ways to expand individual leadership opportunities

Methods to be Used:

This full-day session is highly interactive involving participants using surveys, questionnaires, individual and group activities, large and small group discussions, and an opportunity to display the leadership characteristics we want to see in organizations.

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Course Code: LSH704