Management, leadership preparation, feedback, coaching, performance discussions


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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This workshop combines the principles of DiSC communication strategies covered in “Making the Leap to Management” session with the elements of Performance Coaching using the model of Situational Leadership® covered in the “Understanding and Using Leadership Styles.”

We will examine our preferred leadership styles used in performance coaching and will gain a better understanding of the benefits of adapting the style to suit different performance scenarios. We will use real back on the job situations in everyday coaching as well as those special performance issues.

This workshop can be customized for specific industries and participant groups.


  • Prepare for those important performance review coaching sessions
  • Build motivation and sustain performance for excellence
  • Conduct those critical one-on-one performance discussions


Model of Performance Coaching

  • The elements of performance coaching

Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • A “how to” give fact-based feedback and receive feedback
  • Defining constructive feedback as a fact-based conversation
  • Setting the giving and receiving of feedback as a priority
  • Follow and practice a simple model
  • Demonstrates the directive model to illustrate “This is the way!”

Coaching for Success

  • A “how to” on coaching to build confidence and skills to improve individual and department performance
  • Cover the structure of the coaching process as well as the techniques used in coaching conversations
  • Describes and illustrate the objective of a coaching session: the purpose, goal, steps, and the follow-up process of the manager and team member
  • Apply the coaching structure to your own department situations

Holding One-to-One Performance Discussions

  • A “how to” on meeting with an employee to discuss performance issues and walk away with a mutually agreed to plan
  • Being able to share the purpose and process of performance discussions: what it is/what it is not, why it is important and how it will help the sales person and the accountability and commitment of the manager as well as the team member
  • How to celebrate and reinforce positive behaviours
  • Techniques you can use and be comfortable with to build self esteem
  • Practice – how to speak to the important motivations, hopes and dreams for each individual

A video display unit is required to show a short video.


This workshop uses videotape examples for Performance Coaching. In the practice sessions, participants we will use their own back on the job performance coaching situations. The job aids and tools are the Model of Situational Leadership, Performance Coaching Strategies and Dimensions of Leadership.

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Course Code: LSR708