For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Collaboration is the most essential life and leadership skill of our era. Our complex challenges require effective ways of working together. It’s the key to engaged, motivated staff and creative, sustainable solutions. As anexpression of relationship intelligence, collaboration is the only approach that carries the spirit of win-win and mutual gain. Together, let’s learn how to hold all needs with care.

This transformative learning experience offers a new vision called Authentic Collaboration, a respect-for- all approach to pursuing a shared goal. It’s a holistic, integrative paradigm that values self, others and Earth—for each is a mirror to the other in our interconnected world. Let’s tease apart the nuances of collaboration and dialogue about power, trust and co-creation. Authentic Collaboration is a gateway to empowerment, belonging and harmony.

While this learning-by-doing workshop is ideally a two-day program, a one-day introduction workshop is possible. This program is based on Elizabeth Soltis’ new book entitled, “Authentic Collaboration: A Bridge to Meaningful Connection.” (Published May 2023)


  • C-suite Leaders
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • HR Practitioners
  • Team-builders and Project Leads
  • Change-Makers


At the end of a two-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Name the elements of the authentic collaboration bridge model and its relevance to leadership
  • Discuss why authentic collaboration matters
  • Apply the RELATE guiding principles to collaborative leadership and their own context
  • Explain the three aspects of courageous speaking and the seven levels of listening
  • Practice mindful communication, conscious engagement and the art of trust-building
  • Demonstrate facilitation skills to support a team process, balancing task with relationship


Growing the Mindset of Authentic Collaboration

  • Exploring the multi-faceted container of relationship
  • Distinguishing between conventional collaboration versus authentic collaboration
  • Understanding the interdependent, holistic nature of Earth or Life…and the workplace

Seven Levels of Listening

  • Unpacking the subtleties of deep listening
  • Travelling the long road from our mind to our heart
  • Offering gift of presence and empathy

Empowered Speaking

  • Reflecting on authenticity, courage and curiosity
  • The keys to trust-building
  • Practicing enrollment versus buy-in conversations

Welcoming Differences and Yes – Even Conflict!

  • Reframing diversity and conflict as a power-sharing “and-both” growth opportunity
  • Naming the effect of trauma (separation) and dualistic thinking (right/wrong/good/bad)
  • Uncovering feelings and needs and making clear, positive, do-able requests

Embodying Collaborative Leadership

  • Practicing collaborative leadership behaviors in a role play
  • Debriefing using process facilitation skills
  • Discerning our leadership commitment and developing an action plan


Upon registration, participants receive a Collaborative Leadership Self-Assessment to kick-start self- reflection. During the workshop, we use experiential, hands-on exercises that go beyond-the-basics. As a group, we cultivate authentic and meaningful connection, the precondition to vibrant, collaborative teamwork. A safe, enjoyable space is co-created to honour everyone’s wisdom and life experience. We focus on content and process as both matter. Together, we unlearn and relearn effective ways to collaborate so all can thrive in the workplace and beyond.