Management, leadership preparation, change process, action cycle, applying dimensions


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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A Dimensions of Leadership Profile is used in this workshop

In this workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of their leadership capabilities and enhance their ability to manage the change process. The Dimensions of Leadership® profile will explore leadership from the four aspects of character, analysis, accomplishment and interaction. Participants will determine how people view the twelve specific dimensions of leadership and the dimensions that are necessary to display when faced with change.This workshop will help participants discover their personal leadership characteristics.

This workshop can be customized for specific industries and participant groups.


  • Define primary qualities needed by leaders
  • Develop an understanding of the leader-follower relationship
  • Encourage acceptance of different approaches to leadership
  • Match the challenges of today’s team-oriented workplace
  • Recognize the strengths in shared leadership when managing change.


Strategies in the Change Process

  • Understand leadership as a relationship between leaders and followers
  • Discover 12 key ways leadership may be demonstrated in the change process
  • Identify leadership needs at different times and places
  • Contribute to a group’s success now and in the future

The Twelve Dimensions of Leadership and How They Work

  • Character, Analysis, Accomplishment, Interaction
  • Implementation tips – what to watch out for
  • Application – when to use and when not to use the dimension
  • Why people chose not to follow; When to lead and When to follow

The Action Cycle

  • Chose your contribution
  • Perceive the situation
  • Evaluate your dimension of leadership and what is required
  • Choose to lead or follow
  • Identify the contributions
  • Evaluate the contributions

Applying Dimensions to Managing Change

  • Determine balance, gaps and over-representation
  • Understanding development for leaders and leadership development for followers

Case Studies

  • Identify leadership needs and manage the change process


This workshop is customized to the change scenarios of the client organization. Participant will be completing exercises to match their leadership competency and style to the various stages of Managing Change. Group presentations will be part of the outcome of the workshop.

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Course Code: LSR705